2019 Swimsuit Picks

Happy Saturday, Babes! With the recent sub zero temps I thought it only appropriate to round up this seasons swimmy favorites. If you’ve been following me for a while, you migh have noticed I’m a lover of cut-outs, texture and neutrals. Two trends I couldn’t get enough last season were palm prints (see yesterdays insta post) and crochet pieces. I have an feeling this season obsession will be ruffles… Let’s take a looksie shall we?


Express has a swim line and it’s FIRE. Cutouts, contrasting textures, metallics and some pretty amazing prints, OH MY….Where do I begin? There’s a style and print flattering for any shape or size. The price point for each peice is between $34 – $50 which might make you shy away from choosing Express for your next swimsuit but as a frequent shopper, I can promise you there will be a nearby sale that will have you walking out of the store with several pieces and a confidence boost because there is no doubt you won’t be the best dressed at that next bar-b-que, babe.!


1.) Matte Black  // 2.) Ribbed Bronze // 3.) Cut-Out One Piece //4.)​ Velvet


I know there are frans who will bark at this one but SheIn literally has the cutest kini’s out there for next to nothing…and if you’re like me who likes to change it up multiple times throughout the weekend (or day- haha!), their price point will allow you to do that! You may not get more than one season out of them but hey, for the price, it’s worth it in my opinion.​ SheIn brings out my playful side as you’ll see from selections below. So go HAVE FUN with it!


1.) Leopard Print // 2.) Champagne // 3.) Two-tone zip //4.)​ Ruffles


If you saw my post from yesterday, my most popular swimmy from last season was from AMAZON and it was under $20. Things I love about purchasing from Amazon: 1.) PRIME FREE 2-Day Shipping; got a last minute invite to a poolside bar-b-que? no problem! 1-Click to buy while you’re waiting in the school parking lot AND DONE. 2.) VARIETY; looking for high-end or budget friendly? no problem- adjust the search filter to your specifications and voila 3.) YOU-NIQUE; In my opinion, Amazon allows you to find that diamond in the rough… You’ll find that swimmy that noone else is wearing and sometimes, you really really need that in your life, right?  4.) DUPES. Everyone knows you go Amazon for a good dupe find. Finally, I also included a cover up in this section because Amazon has always came in clutch for me in this department.


1.) Copper // 2.) Color Block // 3.) Coverup //4.)​ Mara Hoffman

Now it’s time to book your next tropical vacation! Where are you off to next? Tell me in the comments section below!



8 thoughts on “2019 Swimsuit Picks

    1. You would look fantastic in it! Is this your first time visiting London? I’ve been several times and it never disappoints! I see something new with every visit 😊 knotting hill/ portobello market is a bloggers perfect backdrop btw💗


      1. No I’ve never been. But I am super excited for the opportunity. Thanks for the heads up on knotting hill and portobello market, I’ll make sure they are on my to see list! 💕


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