From Work to Play | Transitioning Outfits

IMG_4073We’re women, which means mom or not, we’re busy! Whether it’s a day in the office, shuffling the kids around town, or trying to complete a never-ending list of errands. No matter what the day holds, style doesn’t have to be sacrificed. Choosing an outfit that transitions from day to night gets you from the office to happy hour with the girls in no time flat.

On days that require me running from work to play and everything in between, I pick easy, soft, neutral pieces to take me long into the night. Today for example, I chose a few of my favs that wear well no matter what time of the day, keeping me chic around the clock.

5.18 outfit guide

1// joggers 2// soft v-neck tee 3// sandal 4// watch 5// clutch   6// bracelet extras: pearl earrings | layered necklace

When it comes to accomplishing a successful day to night outfit, you should keep two simple things in mind:
When laying out your outfit, choose pieces that you know you’ll be comfortable in until nighttime. Stick with colors that work easily during the day and evening like neutrals, black, grey, or white. These colors are perfect for the office and will match easily with a jacket/blazer later on.

Some pieces might be too casual for the office, but layering appropriately can have you ready for a night out in minutes. Tops can be layered underneath a blazer during the day and shown off at night. Keep accessories minimal for the office and errands but remember to pack the extras to add on later. This also goes for your makeup!

So, I hope I was able to give you some style inspo to get you on your way faster.

Comment with some of your favorite transitional pieces below!

xo -Amanda


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