Feel Good Friday

So on the weekends I don’t have my son, I mainly try to catch up on all the errands I couldn’t squeeze in that week or do something for myself. Whether it be retail therapy, a manicure, or a night out, I make sure to capitalize on the “free” time. 

I think it’s really important that all parents find ways to do something for themselves at least once a week or you’ll go cray cray. A day, night, hour, however long you can get(take it!), will be good for mind, body and soul.

A few suggestions to help bring peace and stability can be:

  • Check + balance finances (hey, it brings me peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment!)
  • A long bath and a book (buy some assorted bath bombs to add excitement)
  • Catch up on a TV/Netflix series (I just started watching ’13 Reasons Why’ and Oh Em Gee people, it’s so good! Sign up for Netflix’s 30-day free trial)
  • Brunch or dinner with a friend(s)- just get out! 
  • Retail therapy (a new pair of shoes works wonders)
  • Workout or join a fitness class (something that you can look forward to on a weekly basis) or go on a nature hike
  • Visit a new city for a day
  • Start a hobby- blogging, photography, diy projects, etc.

There are so many things you can do to make you feel like you are still YOU, when you are giving 100% yourself to your child/children. So my point is that you should really make it a habit to find and do that one thing that will keep you healthy and strong for the little one(s). Trust me, I know it’s not always easy because life can get in the way, but start small and see where it leads! You got this! 

Share what works for you below. I’d love to hear from you!

I will conclude this post with the deets of my outfit from last night. It’s a feel good one! Also a good example of a high-low look that will get you a TON of compliments 🙌🏻

xo -Amanda

Off-Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Top by Jennifer Lopez // Black Jeans // Steven by Steve Madden Nahlah Heel in Nude // Similar Michael Kors Handbag // Lilac Ring // Ulta Beauty Matte Lip Cream in Lively

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